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    Non-asbestos sheet(200)

    Non-asbestos sheet(200)

    Item: 4100
    Description: Non-asbestos sheet(200)
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    Detailed Product Description: Non-asbestos sheet(200)

    Aiflon Non-asbestos sheet is made from Kevlar fiber, natural rubber, filling material and dye, compressed and calendered under high temperature and pressure into a sheet form. It eliminates asbestos-rubber sheet essentially and thoroughly.
    Item Non-asbestos Sheet
    GS 4100
    Density            g/cm3 1.7~1.9
    Tensile strength     Mpa 6
    Compressibility     ¡Ý% 12¡À5
    Recovery          ¡Ý% 40
    Stress relaxation rate¡Ü% 45
    Tmax:             ¡æ 200
    Pmax:             Mpa 1.5
    Resistance to media Water, steam, fuel, gases, and many other media.
    Normal Size Width:1500mm£¬1350mm£»    Length: 1000mm, 1350mm, 2000mm£»    Thickness: 0.5~5mm
    Normal colour Black with some white, Green-white, red, blue or other

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