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    Automatic Winder for SWG

    Automatic Winder for SWG

    Item: AM AW
    Description: Automatic work controlled by PC;Automatic weld. Especially for large batch fewer specs.
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    Detailed Product Description: Automatic Winder for SWG

    Can make SWG with or without inner & outer ring, attaching high quality inner size molds.
    Work pressure is changed with dia. Size controlled by air pump;
    Automatic work controlled by PC;
    Automatic weld.
    Especially for large batch fewer specs.
    1.      Power:            380AV, 50HZ, 1.5 KW;
    2.      L*W*H:           1.6*1.2*1.7m;
    3.      N.W.:               appr.700kgs
    4.      Line Speed:     Transducer control
    5.      Work range:    OD 50~500mm
                                     Thick. 4.5mm
             (Normal for ASME B16.20, from 2" to 18", other standard on request)

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